Project Description

PAssion Wave @ Marina Bay, Singapore

This is a long and narrow site of about 200metres long and 60metres wide. Its rear boundary lines the bank of the Marina Reservoir while the front of the site is separated from a parkland by a narrow street.

Tall, elegant rainbow eucalyptus trees planted along the motor court welcome visitors into the waterfront property that primarily is a huge boathouse which also houses training and administrative facilities as well as a cafe.

Along practically the entire length of the long side that shares a common boundary with a condominium development, a mildly winding garden trail created by pre-cast slabs set amidst loose gravel allows one to stroll from the street to the waterfront. Trees, palms, shrubs and groundcover that attract birds, butterflies, bees, bats, arboreal ants amongst other forms of wildlife create a light, multi-layered forest through which the garden trail meanders.

A shady fern and shrub garden front the arcade along the other side of the building, whose curvilinear profiles are further celebrated by a line of foxtail palms running along the building perimeter. As the ground falls towards the other long side of the site, a 200metre-long vegetated swale collects the run-off and filters it before releasing into the reservoir. The swale is landscaped with shrubs, groundcover and trees, providing an aesthetic alternative to what would be an open drain.