Project Description

AWWA Rehab and Daycare Centre at Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

The project resulted from our winning entry for a limited competition organised by AWWA to build a new rehabilitation and daycare centre in the ground floor void deck of an existing block of public flats.

In conceptualising the scheme, we decided to depart from the norm of keeping such activities of the elderly behind walls, closed doors and small windows. By introducing transparency into the centres, we endeavour to bring about visibility and public awareness into the lives of the elderly, who are very much an integral part of our society. By being open through employing large panels of glass on the facade of the centres, it would also reflect AWWA’s confidence in meeting the needs of the elderly, and encourage the accessibility and participation of the public through volunteerism.

The spaces within the centres have been planned to work with the many closely spaced columns that support the building, giving a sense of space in the centres despite the constraints. Movable panels create temporary division and screening required for the various activities that take place throughout the day. The gymnasium, which was later planned to be opened to the public in the evenings look through the huge expanses of glass into the park across the street.

The carefully appointed interiors are cosy and warm, creating an ambience of a resort hotel, thus departing from the cold, sterile atmosphere typical of such institutions. Through the extensive use of glazing and strategic planning, generous amount of daylight is permitted to liven up the interior spaces from multiple directions without compromising the privacy required for some of the activities in the centres.