Project Description

Interior Landscaping to Office at Changi South Lane

Outside of the more ubiquitous general working and meeting spaces was an intent to create a lush indoor greenery ribbon along the perimeter window wall areas of the large office wherein are located several informal areas for lounging, discussion and relaxation. BHNA was engaged by IX Architects to provide landscape design services for this greenery strip.

Due to the extensiveness of the `site’, the landscape planning strategy was to divide it into sections that transitioned subtly from one garden design to another. Being an indoor space, and to control the extent of maintenance work the office staff had to perform, we curated the entire landscaping palette using both live and artificial plants, and positioned them in a manner to optimise the visual effect of the plant materials and maximise the ease of maintenance of the live plants.

Tying the entire 50-metre-long-or-so greenery strip is a skirting using building blocks arranged in a variety of bond patterns and undulating heights. The design focused on a few key aspects:

-the layering and interplay between the soft and hard landscape elements,

-the ornamental and textural qualities of the foliage of the plants in relationship with the rugged and

-monotone nature of the blocks, and-the composition of blocks of different design and textures

The extensive and lush greenery embraces, defines and provides privacy for the various informal areas, giving the staff and visitors alike a refreshing and relaxing alternative to the otherwise regular work spaces structured with office furniture and workstations. Besides softening and dematerializing the perimeter walls and corners of the building, this bold, substantial biophilic design gesture visually links the green canopies of the large roadside trees outside with its own indoor greenery, and imbues the office with a strong green imagery and character.