Project Description

Chapels, Singapore

The 2 chapels were built almost 20 years ago and had to be refurbished to update their outlook and resolve some functional requirements. A high volume space in the centre of the larger chapel was also required to be treated to prevent it from acting as a sound trap.

In creating a neater, more streamlined look for the interiors, the zig-zag profile of the walls that flanked the stage were concealed with operable panels, and the resultant space behind the panels become storage spaces which were badly needed. We took bold steps in the expression and material selection of the interior elements of the chapel, juxtaposing the soft light oak and beige for the cabinetry finish on the walls against strong, masculine dark brown and black for the stage area. The ceiling was expressed as multi-layered planes that seemed to slide toward the stage area. Other wall irregularities and the originally complicated stage steps were also simplified and neatened.